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The acronym CFC stands for Construction and Forensic Consultants.  CFC Engineering exists for the purpose of assisting companies and/or individuals successfully navigate the myriad of issues that comprise the construction process.  Whether it is commercial, industrial, multifamily or residential, CFC’s consultants have the experience, patience and expertise to develop an action plan to follow from start to finish.  This plan will provide a structured process to bring a project from concept to owner occupancy.

CFC consultants also have expertise and experience in construction default workouts and/or dispute resolution.  The construction process is difficult and many times problems develop during the course of construction.  It takes an experienced professional to help address and resolve these problems before they become detrimental to the overall project.  CFC provides this experience and knowhow.  CFC’s desire would be to resolve a dispute and allow the project to move forward.  However, we know this is not always possible and sometimes the Owner and Contractor must part ways.  When this occurs, with the proper experience and negotiating skills, there still remains a method for both parties to move on and still bring the project to a successful conclusion.  CFC has this experience and patience to make this happen.  If you find yourself in this situation, let us help you make the separation and bring your project to the finish line.

CFC consultants also provide litigation support for the times when parties involved in a construction dispute have been unable to resolve their issues.  Experienced CFC consultants will review your situation, analyze the documentation and provide expert opinions concerning the matter.  Our years of experience working for contractors, subcontractors, owners, lenders, developers and attorneys gives CFC special insight into the inner-workings of the parties associated with a construction dispute.

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